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Municipal house

The MUNICIPAL HOUSE (CZECH: OBECNÍ DŮM) is a major civic landmark and concert hall in Prague, and an important building in architectural and political history in the Czech Republic. The Art Nouveau structure is an artifact of the Czech nationalism of the time and carries a wealth of ornament by some of the leading Czech artists of its day. The main facade features a large ceramic half-dome mosaic above the entry, Homage to Prague, by Karel Špillar.

On either side are allegorical sculpture groups representing The Degradation of the People and The Resurrection of the People by Ladislav Šaloun, while the remainder of the rich decoration was done by Josef Mařatka, František .prka and others, with light stands designed by Karel Novák. Inside others, all of this on nationalist themes. The main space within the Municipal House is the concert space, Smetana Hall, for 1.200 people, named in honor of Bedřich Smetana. On October 28, 1918, Smetana Hall was the scene of the proclamation of the independent state of Czechoslovakia.

There are several restaurants and cafes on the ground floor and basement. Near the main entrance you can find an information center.


Smetana Hall

Smetanova síň The SMETANA HALL, located in the Municipal House is a gorgeous example of Art Nouveau design and brilliant acoustics. This famous concert hall has a seating capacityof 1200 seats and features an original Art Nouveau organ and romantic colorful decor from famous Czech painters and sculptors, the finest artists of the high Art Nouveau movement, among them the famous Alfons Mucha.



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Grégr Hall

Grégrův sálThe Gregr Hall, originally Besedni (Discussion) Hall is well known for its great acoustics and amazing Art Nouveau decorations - ceiling fresco triptych - Life, Poetry, and Death, dating from 1911 and three later paintings, Love Song, Battle Song and Burial Song. The paintings were hung there in 1914. These canvases were created by F. Zenisek. The walls are covered with artificial marble laid to an intricate design. On the pier between the windows there is a bust of Dr. J. Gregr by E. Halman. The stucco decoration was created by A. Novak. Gregr Hall is a popular venue for chamber concerts of classical music.

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Dance ball 2016

16. 2. 2016 we play in the Smetana Hall of the Municipal House at the CENTRAL GROUP Charity Ball. All entrance fees go to support the Children's Health Foundation. Come dance and help a good cause at the same time.

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